Wednesday, February 23, 2011

girl talk: celeb-obsessed

This is slightly off-topic, having almost nothing to do with Snowbirds. Except for the fact that Dave and I have become big fans of movie nights, during which our dinners consist of popcorn and beer. This weekend, we had a genius idea. I wanted to go to the movies, but really, I just wanted movie theater popcorn. So Dave popped into Montgomery Cinemas (hidden gem), bought a large popcorn and bounced. This place is dirt cheap and the popcorn is only $4.25 for a large - WHAT?! I KNOW. So we moved movie night to my house and rented It's Kind of a Funny Story. And we were smitten.

For real. Zach Galifianakis was charming, the rest of the cast was great, there were laugh-out-loud moments and parts where I may or may not have cried (okay, I cried). And now I'm maybe more than a little obsessed with Emma Roberts.

I die for these boots.

But this isn't all irrelevant, because I will be recording the vocals to three tracks that have been lingering all lonesome and lyric-less for months. So get ready for more tunes coming soon!

No one reads this.
I love you anyways!

- Al


  1. "No one reads this.
    I love you anyways!"

    you're adorable, rest assured: i read everything.

  2. YAY! well, good thing somebody does. there's probably a feature on here that tells me how many people view it, but technology - what?! it took me like two hours to even make a template for this shit. you would really like this movie, though.