Saturday, February 26, 2011

etsy excellence

Unable to hold a job in my current condition, I have become unabashedly obsessed with Etsy. It's gotten pretty serious over the past week and I've been spending at least an hour a day looking at artwork, vintage clothing, and quirky housewares and home decor. Dave and I will be moving wherever the wind takes us in August - it could be north to Rochester or south to North Carolina (depending on whether or not I get accepted to a PhD program or whether I decide to not attend graduate school at all) and since this is one of the only things I have to look forward to, I have been bookmarking dozens of items for our future and imaginary apartment. Really though, Etsy has such a great assortment of products and here are just a few that I have put on my favorites list. There is something for everybody!

Vintage Clothing:

1. Chisolm Block - Nice, simple pieces.
2. Santoki Vintage - A bit steep in price, but a great selection of clothes and shoes!
3. Sweetie Pie - Adorable and extremely feminine dresses - think schoolgirl meets Zooey Deschanel.
4. The Tailor's Stories - Hand-tailored and updated vintage pieces.
5. Pascal Vintage - A stellar selection of bags and shoes.
6. Dear Golden Vintage - Neat, clean, timeless and chic. What vintage should be!

Item I'm obsessing over?
Hate bikinis. Love quirky cover-ups.


1. Marolsha - Handmade, vintage-inspired, ladylike pieces. Lots of bird and flower details.
2. Sweet Findings 4 You - Nature-inspired pieces. Lots of leaves, delicate beading, flowers and birds.
3. Trash & Trinkets - Steampunk jewelry! Bold, lots of brassy tones and super-quirky. The lockets and timepieces are totally awesome.
4. White Owl - Lace jewelry! So unexpected, dainty and beautiful.

Items I'm obsessing over?
Cameo Earrings by Marolsha.

Orange Blossom Bracelet by Sweet Findings 4 You

Housewares/Home Decor:

1. Thailand Craft - Real insect collections!
2. A. Hierloom - Custom-made wood cutting boards shaped like each of the 50 states!
3. Creative ADB - Awesome tree wall decals and other wall art.
4. Oh Little Rabbit - Screenprinted organic cotton napkins, dish towels and produce bags. Go green and stay adorable with drawings of Russian nesting dolls, bunnies, fish, anchors & ships and more!
5. New Hampshire Woods Creations - Birch and moss creations for eco-friendly rustic weddings. Everything in this store makes my heart melt.

Items I'm obsessing over?
Real butterfly collection! I'm sort of a creep about butterflies.

Butterfly garland! Really, I'm too into butterflies for a 23 year old.

Yes, I know I am not getting married, nor am I engaged, but that does 
not mean that this flower girl basket isn't the most adorable thing ever created.


1. Sixth and Main - "Romantic and dreamy Los Angeles Photography"
2. Fringe Art - Vintage and French ephemera for scrapbooking, journals, wall art. Cool dictionary art!
3. Lola's Room - Nostalgic, vintage, whimsical photography. Lots of pastels!
4. Ellie Moss - Dreamy and picturesque. Reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe meets The Virgin Suicides.
5. Monster Gallery - Prints, linocuts, and accessories. I think the highlight of the store are their mini dictionary prints. 

Items I'm obsessing over?
"I am Alice" poppies photograph. I want to live inside this photo.

Green Lichen on Branch photograph. I actually purchased this.

Bouquet of Roses Digital Dictionary Art.

Hopefully someone has enjoyed this post and has found something they love - whether you love vintage clothing, eco-friendly home decor, handmade one-of-a-kind jewelry or dead butterflies under glass, Etsy has something for you, I guarantee it. So embrace that quirkiness and get yourself something new - or old. But if any of you buy that hideous Barbados beach cover-up, fear my wrath.

Love you all!
- Al

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  1. 1. you know even when you had a job we spent a good portion of the day sending etsy links back and forth to each other anyway haha.

    2. i love those dictionary pages but i refuse to pay for it cause i could def handle making them if the motivation struck me and there was a dictionary i could bring myself to desecrate.