Monday, January 31, 2011

snowbirds surgeries and other shenanigans!

So, a few updates on the life of the Snowbirds:

1. We have a show on February 16th at 8 o'clock at The Stanhope House with another duo called Paul and Melissa (a double date show, as Dave has said!) - another band will also be added, but as of right now remains a mystery! What makes this show even more exciting is that it is my birthday and my first real coming-out since my most recent surgery, which brings me to our next update...

2. Had my second spinal surgery on Thursday morning bright and early at Sloane-Kettering in NYC. I'm pretty sure most of ya'll know what's going on with my health at this point, but for those of you who don't, just ask - I'm so used to talking about it by now, haha! I've been pretty much confined to a hospital bed since then, with no Bravo or Food Network to watch (I CAN NOT DEAL). But there were a couple perks to being here, aside from the obvious:

Magazines! Junk food and wine combinations, an article after my own heart.

Candy stripers! Hell to the yes! Lucky me, all patients under pediatric care get their pick of the big candy cart, full of delicious and completely non-nutritious snacks. Don't worry, I didn't eat all of this.

AHHHHHHHH! Okay, maybe this isn't a perk, but it's certainly another battle scar. But right now, it just HURTS. Pass the painkillers, boo.

3. A new Snowbirds shoot captured by the lovely and wonderful Amber Byrne of Live it Out Photography. The shoot is part one of two, showing us wandering around the Princeton University campus in the town that I love! She got some beautiful shots that showcase the campus and our loooooovin' for one another. Part two will show us in Small World Coffee and Christmas tree shopping! (To see the full post of the shoot, please visit this link and then check out all of Amber's other great photos and posts!) Here are a few of the faves:

Can't wait to get home, relax in my own space with my fellow Snowbird, watch some Real Housewives and most importantly work on some music to get out into this beautiful world. <3

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