Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our first post!

Hello out there!

Dave and I - I being Alex - have decided to create a blog for our musical project, Snowbirds. This comes on the heels of creating a Yotube Channel for ourselves, where you can view all our music videos (using the term loosely, of course). This blog isn't going to be just about our music, though surely that will be a big part of it. Here is where we will post links to new songs, videos, events like shows and open mic nights, and the like. We have other interests too, it's true! Dave is quite a whiz at brewing beer up at High Point Brewery (yes, I said "whiz" - I am an old soul!) and has a strong interest and knowledge of beers and craft brews. We like to go to gastropubs often to test out new brews, so you'll be undoubtedly be hearing about a bit of that! Also, I love to shop, cook, gossip, and BAKE. We will also be posting about recipes I've tried out (with Dave as my lovable guinea pig) and quite possibly clothes I am drooling over, much to the dismay of poor Dave. And of course we love music, so we will be posting about our current musical obsessions, be it songs from 40 years ago or bands we have just laid ears on. Anywho, this is just a brief introduction to our new blog, so if you love music and musings on life, love, beer, baking and other random ramblings, then please keep reading!


photo courtesy of the lovely amber byrne mahoney @ liveitout photography

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